Raw Material

Our raw material is Electrolytic refined copper cathode as per ASTM – B11500 standards with 99.99% purity. We use LME Grade A Copper Cathodes only which are sourced from countries like Zambia, Chile, Australia, Indonesia.

Copper Cathode Ordering Specification:

Electro refined Copper Cathode as per ASTM B115 00.

Grade "1 " ( LME "A" Grade )

Grade "1" cathode conforms to the chemical compositional requirement of copper UNS No C11040, and suitable for the manufacture of     wire rod as designated in specification ASTM B49-08a.

Copper Cathode full size - approx 1 meter ( length ) X approx 1 meter ( Width)

Each plate of the bundle must have uniform thickness 6mm-10mm

Chemical composition - as per ASTM B115

Hydrogen < 3 ppm maximum

SEN value > 400

Electrical conductivity - min 101% IACS .